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Officially organized on November 4, 2004 as Hawaii Injured Workers Association when over 50 concerned citizens of the state met, drafted and approved a charter. The now Hawai'i Injured Workers Association (HIWA) was formed on the example of parallel organizations across the U.S. and Canada. Like its many sister organizations, HIWA was formed to give voice to the many people and groups who feel they and the injured workers they support are being abused and victimized by a growing political agenda that has lost concern and compassion for the real victims of industrial injury, the workers.

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Workshop June 24, 2017

Apr 20 2017

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Dear Friends of VR, 

This is in regards to the Resolution HCR 105 that was sent in to the legislature this year opening up to an audit of all of the bizarre and punitive decisions from the DCD. The "bite" of the audit was taken out of the resolution but we are urging them to put in a working group that has a more substantive group who knows what is occurring on a day to day basis with the injured workers. 

The resolution was sent back to the House and tomorrow is another hearing for this resolution.  The Senate took out the "bite" of the audit but we are hoping that this is a better way to have the department be accountable to the legislature. 

Please send in your testimony as soon as possible though they are not taking any oral testimony tomorrow they are accepting the testimonies.  Please send in even though it is considered late, they have accepted it in the past.  I emailed my testimony to WAM to :  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This is easier than their website.  

Thanks again and hope that you can make the time to send in support of the addition of the working group as noted in my testimony. 

Much thanks, 

Laurie H. Hamano M.Ed. CRC LMHC 

President of VMC

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