The Injured

My experiences with Workers' Comp

In late 2014 I was injured on the job, and I reported the injury as required. At that time I had no knowledge of the Workers' Compensation system, or what to expect (outside of reporting my injury to my employer) and there was no information posted at my workplace to help me. 

Several weeks after my injury I found out that the Urgent Care and subsequent referred doctor visits had not been paid, so I asked the doctor's billing clerk to call the insurance company to find out what was going on. It turned out that the insurance company had not bothered to report the injury to the Labor Board. The statutes I've read since then require prompt reporting of a worker's injuries by the insurance company, but they evidently did not feel the need to comply with the law. The Workers' Comp injury report was not filed by them until nearly a month had passed after the injury, and amazingly, right after I had asked the doctor's office to call them.

My story to my life... I'm injured at my working place and i go to emergency, then i go therapy doctor. Then first I get lawyer, but is not work it my first lawyer to help me and my uncle he give me second lawyer, but he help me good but my case is 5 years untill now no more good for me.

Don’t Give up!

I understand it was discourage to any injured worker have to go to see the IM for further treatment (like asking devil give you mercy).

Do not discourage!

What can an injured worker do when the insurance carrier’s attorney violates a work comp law and has to pays penalties 18 months prior to a scheduled hearing, and then say’s this is not an issue. He also provided false testimony to a hearing officer. You see, at the DCD level, attorneys can submitt false statements and the DCD allows it, only at the appeals level they swear under oath.

Date: January 28, 2011 Workers’ Comp. Case No: 2-59-04964 Heco Case No: 06936 Date Of Injury: 4-20-1959

My Story For The Hiwa About My Industrial Accident At The Hawaiian Electric Company Two Months After The Start Of My Employment — Beginning At The Honolulu Power Plant Then On To The Waiau Power Plant .

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